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Prepare for Black Friday Events by Utilizing Data



Beyond Black Friday, also for Christmas,

Datarize would like to provide you with useful tips to prepare for Black Friday events by utilizing Data for your store's sales boost in the 4th quarter.



💪 6 important tips for the successful Black Friday event!

✔️ Check the benchmark figures, make a smart set-up for setting up goals and action items
✔️ Re-targeting customers who made purchases in last year’s Black Friday events and the store’s VIP customers
✔️ Carefully select your store’s hero products and launch steady and active promotion
✔️ Prioritize the mobile store first
✔️ Remove elements and factors for the store’s slowdown
✔️ Set up tracking properly to determine your acquisition, and have a thorough analysis after the event ends



1) Review benchmark figures and set specific goals and action items.

Compared to regular sales, how many times higher should we anticipate Black Friday events to be? Double? Tenfold? A hundredfold?
Knowing the market’s average figures will help you set realistic goals and create specific plans to achieve them.

According to the statistics from Datarize clients, sales during the Black Friday week of 2021 (from November 21, 2021, to November 28, 2021) increased by approximately 10% compared to four weeks earlier. Considering that some stores did not run Black Friday events, the sales increase for shopping malls that did run the events is estimated to be even higher, around 15~20%.

If this year's Black Friday demonstrates a similar sales increase, reconsider whether your store's sales target for this year is appropriate.


2) Send promotional targeting messages to last year's Black Friday purchasers & your store’s recent VIP members

Now is the time to fully utilize every single pixel for your advertisements and campaigns. If customers have previously visited your store or have a purchase history on the site, consider launching re-targeting advertisements/campaigns to encourage them to make a purchase at your store during this Black Friday.


👍 If you're using CRM, targeting existing customers, for your store, consider the following flow!

1. Send Black Friday event notifications through Kakao Talk channel as a message delivered to multiple targets simultaneously.

2. A day before the Black Friday event ends, notify members who saw the event, but did not make a purchase via Friend Talk of the information that the event is ending soon.

3. For members who didn't make a purchase after the event has ended, provide them with a separate coupon and send one more Notification Talk when the coupon is about to expire.

With Datarize, everything about the event promotion and campaign is possible in a flash 💪


3) Carefully select your store’s hero products and launch steady and active promotion

Datarize would like to inform you how to determine which products customers prefer by using data!

If you want to identify the best products among all? → Look for products that have a high conversion rate compared to the impression frequency to customers. Datarize classifies such products under Group A in the product report provided to users. If an item from Group A has a relatively lower impression, placing it in a more prominent position could significantly boost sales.

Do you wish to find out trending new products? Checking cumulative CTR and Purchase CVR from the product launch date will be helpful.

If you plan to offer discounts for the Black Friday event, provide discount information to encourage more customers to make a purchase.


If you want to promote a discount for the entire products in the store rather than specific products? You can use the two campaigns below from Datarize concurrently to both announce the event and encourage users to add your store as a Kakao Channel Friend.

•[Encourage purchases] Inform all members about news or benefits (using Friend Talk)

•[Secure marketing channels] Send an LMS to encourage customers whom the Friend Talk has not reached to add your store as a Kakao Plus Friend.


Are you planning a huge discount for specific products? With Datarize's campaigns below, you can automatically generate campaigns using thumbnails and automatically target and send messages to customers.

•[Encourage purchases] Notify discounts among product groups of customer’s interest.

•[Shopping Cart reminder] Automatically inform the user if an item they've added to their cart is on discount.


4) Prioritize the mobile store first

In most online stores, the proportion of mobile sessions is around 90%. If the mobile traffic on your store is significantly higher than that of PC, it's crucial to pay close attention and focus on the mobile store first.

Efforts to prevent mobile users from leaving by providing a better mobile experience can yield higher conversion rates and sales than focusing on capturing 10% of PC traffic.

It's essential to check if there are any errors or broken images on the mobile-environment screen and ensure that payments on mobile are hassle-free!


5) Remove elements and factors for the store’s slowdown

According to a report by Deloitte, if a site takes more than 5 seconds to load, the churn rate more than doubles. 😱 (source)
If your store feels slow? Using Lighthouse, provided in the Chrome Browser, can help detect what's slowing down the store.
By launching the Developer Tools and clicking the "Analyze page load" in the Lighthouse tab, you can review various details about site speed.

Open Chrome DevTools - Chrome for Developers

6) Set up tracking properly to determine your acquisition, and have a thorough analysis after the event ends

After the Black Friday campaign ends, track and analyze the conversion routes. Assess whether the following sequence effectively worked for your store: Awareness through social advertisements → Traffic through searches → Purchase → Re-targeting of non-purchasers using DA. If analyzed effectively, you can conduct the next major promotion and next year's Black Friday with greater effectiveness.

To accurately measure and analyze traffic and conversions, UTM design and tagging are essential. Please refer to the website below for the effective UTM design and tagging! 👉 Link

The Datarize solution automatically collects all impression and click data without any separate event configurations and enables easy access to acquisition information. By determining which medium and campaign were most efficient, it will be helpful for you to plan future events.

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