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Product Recommendation Magic: Quick Onsite marketing for Your Shopify Store

Product Recommendation


What is onsite marketing

Onsite marketing is a digital strategy that many of you might have encountered while browsing online stores. These banners display messages that seem to track your every move, functioning similarly to a shop assistant in a physical store. Just as a shop employee observes a customer’s behavior and needs—identifying which products attract their interest, what they end up purchasing, whether they're looking for recommendations, or prefer to browse in solitude—the banner performs a similar role. It analyzes the customer's behavior to tailor messages accordingly. This approach, which involves observing and analyzing customer needs to craft banners that encourage purchases, is what we refer to as an 'Onsite Campaign'.


Onsite campaigns feature shopping mall banners that target the site's visitors based on logins from a specific device or predefined audience conditions.

*Device: Targets users based on their connection type, whether Mobile or PC.

*Login Status: Targets users based on the customer’s engagement level (Pageview) while on the website. For instance, if a visitor is a non-member at the time of referral but becomes a member after signing up, they will not be selected as targets for the sign-up campaign. Datarize's On-site campaign categorizes targets into three groups: [All Visitors / Non-members / Logged-in Users]

* Audience Conditions : Target audience is selected based on member information.


Product Recommendation On-site Campaigns

Today, we're excited to delve into product recommendation campaigns, a key component among the diverse range of On-site campaigns.

Product Recommendations #1 - Related Products based on Acquisition Keywords

유입 키워드와 연관된 상품 추천하기

Acquisition Keywords represent the most significant clues customers provide, essentially indicating their interest in specific products. According to Datarize's statistics, keyword searches account for 17% of all traffic across stores. However, leveraging these direct hints demands substantial resources. To address this, Datarize employs machine learning to automatically identify products that have attracted higher customer interest and showcases these on the banner.


Product Recommendations #2 - Relevant Products based on other Customer Activities

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A customer spots a pair of pants within the 'best products' category. What catches their interest? Is it the top-rated product in the category, the pants themselves, or perhaps items on sale? The answer varies with each visit. By analyzing their previous views and revisit items, it's possible to determine a customer's preferences. Datarize offers campaigns that leverage not just acquisition keywords but also a variety of other criteria and recommendations. When multiple campaigns are activated, the system selects the one most likely to result in a purchase based on the customer's behavior. All recommended product campaigns automatically generate a thumbnail, product name, and other details, simplifying the banner creation process.


Raising Product Credibility using a Social Proof Shopping Mall Banner

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Based on Datarize’s analytics, there’s a significant difference in exit rates for detailed pages whether it provides social proof information or not. Show positive reactions from customers in real time, such as: how many people viewed the product, how many purchased it, etc. This can act as a positive trigger for customers who were hesitant on making a purchase. Datarize leverages various social proof data, including live counts of views and purchases, within banners.

* What is Social Proof? Social Proof is a psychological term referring to 'Social Evidence.' It describes the tendency where an individual accepts the public's opinion as valid when they lack a personal opinion. This psychological phenomenon can significantly enhance the desire to purchase a product when utilized effectively in marketing strategies.


Create smart banners with Datarize.

Unlike traditional rule-based solutions, Datarize's banners don't rely on manually set rules. Instead, they analyze how closely a visitor's behavior patterns match those of standard purchasing customers. Based on this analysis, Datarize showcases a banner most likely to lead to a purchase, determined by the customer's purchase tendency score. For customers who frequently interact with banners, Datarize will display a variety of banners; for those who ignore them, it will reduce the frequency of display. As more data is collected, Datarize optimizes both the frequency of banner display and the pages on which they appear, based on performance metrics.


An on-site banner is essential for converting a first-time visitor into a purchaser. However, displaying irrelevant content too frequently can deter potential customers. Datarize's intelligent on-site banner, powered by machine learning to track every customer move, significantly reduces this risk.

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